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Welcome to the genealogical Schleusener-website This website was set up in memory of Karl Ferdinand Paul Schleusener (1890-1952) and all Schleusener born before 1900.
Ludwig Berthold Schleusener (1834-1905) Karl Ferdinand Paul Schleusener (1890-1952)
Source of the name

Surnames originated from the 12th century. They became necessary for distinguishing people with the same Christian name.
The surname (epithet) marked very often qualities (like remarkable signs, relation to other people), or, however, occupation or origin (home town or region). The name Schleusener ... more »
Included Lines

The surname Schleusener had a big frequency in particular in the Neumark. Present investigations were concentrated upon this region (see map below).
For three lines there are fairly good results. It concerns the lines whose origins lie in Cossin, Lipkeschbruch and Lorenzdorf. A common root of these lines ... more »
Data base

The data bank encloses birth, marriage and Sterbedaten of people with the surname Schleusener incl. earlier or different spelling as well as with these related people as well as pictures.
The records form the basis for the graphic family trees.
Cooperation by interested persons is asked. more »
Family trees

Graphic family trees can show relational relations especially clearly. On this web page a form is used which displays three generations. more »

GEDCOM is the format of a text file that is used in genealogical research to represent the generational relations. more »


Please, get in touch with admin if the name Schleusener or a name variation appears in your ancestors list and/or share your data. (click here).

Our visitors

This genealogical site is proud to welcome visitors from 41 different countries. Thanks to 20 users for sharing their data. more »

Family tree Christian Schleißener