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Welcome to the genealogical Schleusener-website This website was set up in memory of Karl Ferdinand Paul Schleusener (1890-1952) and all Schleusener born before 1900.
Ludwig Berthold Schleusener (1834-1905) Karl Ferdinand Paul Schleusener (1890-1952)
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Surnames originated from the 12th century. They became necessary for distinguishing people with the same Christian name.
The surname (epithet) marked very often qualities (like remarkable signs, relation to other people), or, however, occupation or origin (home town or region). The name Schleusener can, according to the researchers, therefore, either on behalf of local origin, ie a place name, or attributed to an activity.

Such a place name could be Schleusingen (Thuringia, [1]). But the lesser known places Schleusenau (now inside of Bydgoszcz/Poland, [2]) and Schleuß (Altmark, [3]) are taken into account. In the Altmark still the name occurs quite frequently.

The name Schleusener can also be derived from activities in connection with the damming of water through a sluice (Low German: slüse). This can be documented by the name Johann Friedrich von der Schleuse (Prussia, 1648).

Back to the word Schleuse we find detailed descriptions in the German dictionary of the Brothers Grimm. Since the oldest known form of the name Schlesner or Schleissner and Schleißner should include the origin of schleiszen (schleißen = trimming process), see also this link, are considered.

Within Germany, we find the name Schleusener currently most often in the states of Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Until the end of the World War II was found still a high incidence in the Neumark.