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Welcome to the genealogical Schleusener-website This website was set up in memory of Karl Ferdinand Paul Schleusener (1890-1952) and all Schleusener born before 1900.
Ludwig Berthold Schleusener (1834-1905) Karl Ferdinand Paul Schleusener (1890-1952)
Data base
Lists of personsList/Map of PlacesTime tablePictures: Persons
This option allows you to see available data of persons (first name, last name, birth date, place and date of death) in alphabetical order.
If exists photograph or image of a person, it will be displayed.

In addition, there is a possibility to display a graphical family tree with the selected person as the basis person.
The graph presents parents, spouses and the children.
Parents, spouses and children can be brought into basic position by a simple click.
Thus, you can follow the lines which has been recorded until now. more »

This menupoint offers listing of data from the genealogical database (places of birth, marriage and death).
For the frequencies and the geographic location of the places you can get interesting conclusions.
These places which are recorded in our genealogical database are illustrated in a geographical map (Google map).
Basic of these entries are geographical sources, for example, www.geonames.org, www.batchgeocode.com and own tools and the coordinates of these places.
To determine this, in many cases it was necessary to find the current Polish place names of this towns. more »
In the time table, the known data are arranged chronologically.
The summary tables give an overview of the occurence of the known variants of the surname Schleusener and the first name. more »

Known and/or submitted publications with the name Schleusener as author or co-author, are listed here. more »

This gallery shows a selection from the available photographs or images of our ancestors. It is expandable by a registered user (descendants of the lines covered here) by uploads.
Please use this opportunity that is offered for sharing your data for all interests in the Schleusener surname! more »

This part of the gallery shows photographs of buildings in the places where our ancestors lived. more »

This is a collection of photos of the graves and grave stones by persons who are lsted as descendants or relatives of a Schleusener. more »