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Welcome to the genealogical Schleusener-website This website was set up in memory of Karl Ferdinand Paul Schleusener (1890-1952) and all Schleusener born before 1900.
Ludwig Berthold Schleusener (1834-1905) Karl Ferdinand Paul Schleusener (1890-1952)
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Haarlem, Netherlands13.05.2023
Brisbane, Australia13.05.2023
Madrid, Spain13.05.2023
Clearwater, United States12.05.2023
Mühlhausen, Germany11.05.2023
Naaldwijk, Netherlands03.05.2023
Washington, United States27.04.2023
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Hanover, Germany22.04.2023
Lisbon, Portugal22.04.2023
Sydney, Australia21.04.2023
Raleigh, United States14.04.2023
Los Angeles, United States14.04.2023
Bergamo, Italy10.04.2023
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Maple Plain, United States28.03.2023
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Seyssinet-Pariset, France10.03.2023
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Phoenix, United States01.03.2023
Warsaw, Poland28.02.2023
Gunzenhausen, Germany28.02.2023
Stockholm, Sweden27.02.2023
Milan, Italy27.02.2023
Dallas, United States27.02.2023
Des Moines, United States26.02.2023
Boryspil, Ukraine25.02.2023
Diyarbak?r, Turkey25.02.2023
London, United Kingdom21.02.2023
Beauharnois, Canada21.02.2023
Boardman, United States20.02.2023
Amsterdam, Netherlands20.02.2023
Paris, France20.02.2023
Nuremberg, Germany20.02.2023
Douai, France20.02.2023
Prague, Czechia18.02.2023
Bend, United States16.02.2023
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Tappahannock, United States14.02.2023
Düsseldorf, Germany14.02.2023
Seongnam-si, South Korea12.02.2023
Montreal, Canada09.02.2023
Eybens, France09.02.2023
New York, United States07.02.2023
Dublin, Ireland07.02.2023
Helsinki, Finland06.02.2023
Central, Hong Kong05.02.2023
Surabaya, Indonesia05.02.2023
Chicago, United States04.02.2023
Strasbourg, France03.02.2023
Boydton, United States03.02.2023
Ashburn, United States03.02.2023
Frankfurt am Main, Germany02.02.2023
Košice, Slovakia02.02.2023